Found Block That Points Outside Data File At

Well, this is stupid. I decided to just fix my comments database, and then do some repairs on the tables, and for some reason Spam Karma ALSO had corrupted tables which resulted in the error of “Found block that points outside data file at (insert annoying table statement here)”. Ultimately, what should be done is all the tables in the exisiting database should be checked for errors, which can be done after getting an array of the tables, then just do a repair statement on them:


$repres = mysql_query(“REPAIR TABLE $tablename”);
$result = mysql_fetch_array($repres);


so we just query and run the REPAIR command on all of the tables, and then it should repair them (the repair command is only supported by table type MyISAM btw). From my study of the error and the web server logs, it looked like all this happened because of the DoS attacks that have been happening, because the overload due to cache issue in requests was cut off by my hosting provider at first by rebooting the server. *sigh*

If I ever catch you DoS people, I am going to run you over with my car. Then back up and run over you again. The pull forward again to finish the job. Assholes.