Hi Ho, Hi Ho, To a New AF Base I Go

I am getting ready to move to a new AF base, from Eglin AFB where I worked for an acquisitions wing (the 328th Armament systems wing) to Shaw AFB for a similar project that I have been doing, but for USCENTAF (Central Command Air Forces). I am excited to be at Shaw for the period of the contract since it is home to the 9th Air Force responsible for U.S. air operations throughout Southwest Asia. They have a lot of active flying wings as well. It’s not to be confused with ACC (Air Combat Command) which is based in Langley, VA, but I would eventually like to do a project at that base as well.

It will be a pain in the ass to move, but it should be fun. I was looking to get out of FL as I talked about before, and this looks like the best option for me since I already have history with the Air Force. I have made a lot of good friends during my time at Eglin, and I will miss some of them a lot, but everyone that knows me, knows that I am the king of nomads, and have to keep moving. In order to support this, I generally misconstrue the Albert Einstein quote:

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving

in order to justify it.

Lisa is in classes for the next couple months anyways, so the timing works out well. Meh, I just want to get the move over with and get back to work.


3 thoughts on “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, To a New AF Base I Go”

  1. Let all your friends know how you like your new location. We’re all very curious… Once you’re in the GAL again, you might be able to get instant messenger to work again!

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