Hi Ho, Hi Ho, To a New AF Base I Go

I am getting ready to move to a new AF base, from Eglin AFB where I worked for an acquisitions wing (the 328th Armament systems wing) to Shaw AFB for a similar project that I have been doing, but for USCENTAF (Central Command Air Forces). I am excited to be at Shaw for the period of the contract since it is home to the 9th Air Force responsible for U.S. air operations throughout Southwest Asia. They have a lot of active flying wings as well. It’s not to be confused with ACC (Air Combat Command) which is based in Langley, VA, but I would eventually like to do a project at that base as well.

It will be a pain in the ass to move, but it should be fun. I was looking to get out of FL as I talked about before, and this looks like the best option for me since I already have history with the Air Force. I have made a lot of good friends during my time at Eglin, and I will miss some of them a lot, but everyone that knows me, knows that I am the king of nomads, and have to keep moving. In order to support this, I generally misconstrue the Albert Einstein quote:

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving

in order to justify it.

Lisa is in classes for the next couple months anyways, so the timing works out well. Meh, I just want to get the move over with and get back to work.