How Do You Write Class Header Comments?

Commenting, even though it is the bane of my existence, is important when doing your SharePoint development. No commenting is more important (IMHO) then doing your class header comments since sometimes when you are hungover (which I am doing this morning, and while I do this blog post I don’t remember what the hell I did last night) writing code you write some silly stuff that doesn’t make a lot of sense to other developers. While line commenting is nice and great, if you have good naming conventions combined with good header comments it is generally enough for a developer who knows his ass from a hole in the ground to make sense of your code.

Regardless, I am interested in how other people do their header comments. It looks like MSFT does their header comments like this:


// ===============================
// ===============================
// Change History:

I think that is ok. I write mine differently though because that is too many lines. I don’t like lines.


///   Namespace:     
///   Class:         
///   Description:   
///   Author:                             Date:
///   Notes:         
///   Revision History:
///   Name:           Date:        Description:


How do you do your header comments?