I May By Settling Down, Yikes

I have moved around a lot the past couple years, going from contract to contract (which has meant state to state throughout the US), always trying to keep the lights on, mainly just doing stuff through ARB Security Solutions, LLC. It’s been fun, and I have made some great friends that I will always cherish, and some I wish I could forget. I have, and will always love web application security and will no matter what, will always be involved in that field regardless of if it’s directly involved in my job role. It’s what I do to relax me when I really need an escape from the normal rigmarole of everyday activities. I just find it fun. Well, that and SharePoint development, which I find equally as enjoyable, since I am a developer by trade. And no matter what, sharepointsecurity.com is always going to be here, my baby isn’t going anywhere.

It has come to the time for me to settle down, and find something that suits me just right. For those that don’t know, I will be getting married soon to Lisa, my girlfriend of almost seven years (yeah, no comments on that time frame). Lisa has expressed an interested in me quitting my moving /job shenanigans, and find a job / area that I can stay at on a more permanent basis, expunging my nomad attitude of jumping state to state depending on contracts I find interesting. Actually, she mentions it every day, it’s annoying, and the only way I am going to get it to go away is complying.

This, to me, sucks. I have always had the crutch / safety net of being able to move around whenever I want, if I didn’t like a job (because, for me, my job kinda defines me, I usually get obsessed with where I work, sacrificing whatever for my deliverables to be on time and appropriate).

Oh well, time to put my feelers out, and try to find something new….