I really hate Snap!

I really, really hate Snap! Please for all that is great and holy stop using it on your sites.

I don’t understand where people get off thinking that Snap! is actually useful. Wee-hoo! I can see a 2 inch preview with absolutly no readable text on it when I hover over a link. Minus the fact that when I am reading something I HATE that these stupid windows keep peeping up obscuring what I am interested in, if I am hovering over a link, I usually have the intention of clicking on it. I really don’t care about whether it is your n most popular outgoing link, and I really could give a shit what the frontpage matter looks like, I can’t even read or make out what is really on it from the little preview.

Although I understand that the prositution of Ajax is a lucrative option, seriously, if you want to give your readers more usability for your site, use a script that detects whether links that you have posted are deadlinks or not. That is really the only benefit I see of Snap!, I can catch 404’s before I click on a link to save the valuable two seconds of my life it takes to hit back in the browser.

I think everyone should boycott Snap!, snazzy, useless modules on technical blogs is nothing but a bother. Have more respect for people that find your content interesting enough to navigate to your site in the first place.