I Really Like Georgia

I was driving across the top of Florida, making my way across 1-10 to Jacksonville up the coast following through Georgia to my destination in Sumter, South Carolina. It was my first time being in Georgia, let alone seeing so much of it since I got to drive through a large part of it.

And man, is Georgia awesome (I am not talking about Atlanta or the larger cities area, more on the coast). Talk about a combination of everything amazing. The landscape of it is surreal, unbelievably more pretty than Florida (unless you are obsessive about beaches). The houses that I saw during the drive (I kinda got off the highway to check them out as I saw some that caught my eye), were unbelievable as well, very colonial style, very pretty. When I stopped and got food, it was so well made it almost made me cry.

I think someday I am going to live in Georgia, or at least spend some time there to get a better feel for what it has to offer.