Is Too Busy?

One of my friends in Arizona was complaining that he thought that the interface of was too busy in order to find things. I introduced the tabs in the interface to somewhat alleviate that and built the appropriate index pages for the research / articles / software. There are obviously some areas that are highlighted that are not transversed as much as others which still have menu items (like the SELinux sections), however I thought that the interface was adequete for getting around. I know that the links aren’t too intuitive (because they parse out to like content-144.html, etc.) but once I modify the mod_rewrite rules on the FE server I will fix that so that they reflect the content on the pages. I wrote a small perl script in order to handle re-linking to past pages in this event so that people that have linked to the main site remain consistent.
So my questions to the greater public are these.

-> Is the interface to too complex to navigate?

-> Is there some material on SharePoint security that you think is missing from the site that should be there?

-> If there are specific programs that you think would be helpful as well (two coming down the slot right now are a SmartCard http module for mapping card data to a SQL database, a robust policy management solution for greater user control using SAML, and InfoCardPoint which will provide all the CardSpace controls for login and Managed Card creation), I would be interested in hearing them.

-> Are there people out there that focus on SharePoint security, or at least have a large interest in it, that would like a blog hosted here as well? I have thought about opening it up to blog sign-ups in the past, but it seemed like and others were pretty much the people that focused on that for SharePoint peeps. I can provide probably a higher level of access to the server more so than other companies once we get to know eachother better as well.

Just trying to put my feelers out there and see if there are some obvious improvements to the site that I am missing. All feedback and suggestions are appreciated.