My SharePoint OBA’s Are Going To Kick Ass

If I do say so myself. I felt like writing about it because I just had a successful build that went through FxCop. I don’t really even know if I am able to talk about the specifics yet, since the book is still in development, but they are going to be really killer. I am going to introduce some really sweet approaches to security in particular, and if you are interested in managing the security of SharePoint programatically, you are really going to dig my chapters. I am also doing the search chapter, and the related search WebParts that are going to be written are really going to dig into the SharePoint search objects, and how to exploit them to their largest extent.

Anyways, I am psyched about it. Its also my first time using Orcas too for development. The new Intellisense is much better, but still some bugs to work out. Anyways, I’ll stop rambling now.