New MVP Book Coming Out Next Week!

The new WROX book that the MVP’s put together is coming out next week “Real World SharePoint 2007”. Edited by Scot Hilier, it contains a bunch of real world lessons that you can put to work in your environment and is written by the gang where we all kinda took our own little niche (obviously mine is security) and put together things that we have learned along the way with our SharePoint experiences.

My pretty face is the third one over on the top next to my buddy Rob Bogue. I wrote the “Securing SharePoint Communication” chapter were I show you how to do network siloing, using Kerberos appropriatly, and how to setup ISA server for your SharePoint environment. Furthermore, since there isn’t a lot of resources out there for it, I also put together a small section that introduces you to the ISA 2006 Object Model and how you can use the either scripting or managed code to administrate an ISA instance or build applications that tap into ISA server.It should be a good read because there isn’t a lot of abstract fluff that is in it, its just really what you need to do to get up and going quickly with what you need. If you are dipping into SharePoint for the first time, this is definitely a great pick up because you have each MVP speaking towards their specialty, in a variety of areas, so can’t really go wrong with that!