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My SharePoint Security Blog

Hello, My name is Adam Buenz. For a while I said that I wouldn’t use a blog because I find using CMS systems just as effective (I use mixed Drupal / phpnuke /PostNuke code, originally I was using TYPO3) , and I am used to have more control over the software that I am leveraging (blogs imply so many licesning restrictions). However, most of the articles that I write regarding SharePoint architecture, development, and security lately have been more stubs than formal articles, which isn’t inline with the rest of what I do on sharepointsecurity.com. I prefer to keep the site full of A-to-Z content that people can download and use without the need to fill in the gaps to get the jist of the content.

So, I am going to use this blog in order to post these stubs, and keep people aware of new SharePoint Security freeware that I am developing as well. It will supplement the project tracking system that I use on the site for people interested in SharePoint security products, as well as general SharePoint development.  I am going to get back into the software development mode since I am finishing up with several writing projects, so I am excited to work on stuff, I, *ahem*, find more interesting.


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