Is Back, And So Am I

You know, part of me loathes switching hosting providers because of the quantity of energy it would take to do so, but man, these problematic issues over the previous two days have thoroughly chapped my ass. First, they tell me that it isn’t a considerable difficulty, they just switched my site root, i.e. the _SERVER[“SITE_ROOT”] and _SERVER[“SITE_HTMLROOT”] variables, so I might just have to reconfigure some scripts or change said values in the database. Well, that’s no problem. Except when I go through and make the required changes, the site is still failing to handle any requests fittingly.

So, then I write some debug scripts, and find out that as a substitute they copied over the database structure when moving the site, leaving most of the content. I mean who does that? Observably the consequence of this inaptitude was that the site was incapable of delivering anything.

Regardless, it is all resolved now. It was just some time on a Sunday that I didn’t really enjoy spending on something that I already pay someone to make certain doesn’t happen.

Outside of that, TechEd went well. Thanks if you came to my session on SharePoint security! I will be posting the code from that session this afternoon into separate posts.