Is Getting A Facelift! will be getting a facelift soon. All the legacy content will all still be available, however finding information through the native site mechanisms, and the link translation that my mod_rewrite rules are putting out is pretty poor, so these will be taken into consideration during the new site development and implementation.
I did write a small perl script to handle any types of requests to past links, so you won’t have to worry about anything being broke. There won’t be really any drastic changes in the context of the site, and all the content that is in it will still be available, however there will be a whole of additions coming down the pipeline.

I have also finished a full-fledged SSO product, after much collaboration with developers in several industries to tap into their respective specializations, and a long time of development work, I have built a complete SAML compliant, WS* security solution that does true agnostic SSO (standardized, multi-vendor) for an enterprise SharePoint environment. It really does everything you would need to setup a true SSO environment, and besides its COTS functionality also comes bundled with a software SDK that developers can tap into to develop and integrate custom SSO targeted solutions into the core framework. Furthermore, it also integrates a custom SAML Assertion based pluggable SSO provider, that one can use as a replacement for the standards SharePoint SSO.

Unlike several COTS products that one would normally consider for a SharePoint environment, the managed development within the solution doesn’t just work, it was reviewed through strict coding standards, and all development pieces have been passed through FxCop for testing of adhere to .NET Framework Design Guidelines to reduce generic design defects. The software also adheres to Design By Contract principles assimilating checkable interfaces.

I, personally, consider this to be something that I prefer over having half-baked pieces of functionality that just works. This wasn’t some farmed out solution that was slapped together, it was rigorously controlled, tested, and verified. I am excited for its release, and very excited to get to designing the new interface. If you see intermediate design problems in the site, it is because of the development changes that I am making.

Soon, I will have my new SharePoint instance up at, where you will find all the identity related SharePoint development including the CardSpace providers (whom I will most likely be collaborating with Brendon Shwartz (MOSS MVP) on). In a little bit, I will be putting a free beta version of all of the solutions out, so stay tuned!