Main Site RSS Feeds Fixed

Well didn’t that suck, especially on a frickin Sunday, go figure. AC (Andrew Connell) let me know that the main feed off the site was farting out today, which was a pain in the butt to fix, ugh. The first problem was fixing the actual feed generation off the nuke content module itself. Well, unbeknown to me IE7 doesn’t support DTD’s, which as most people know are used in order to help an XML parser work with a document, particularly for validation, which I unfortunately had in my XML generation code, that was no biggie to fix, just stripping out that from my $rssFeed variable declaration.

Then, my god, the mod_rewrite rules that I had set up for Apache to massage more friendly URL’s for output were screwing up the pulling of the nuke URL which I just did a simple $nukeurl = $row[‘nukeurl’]; to normally query for. Well, that didn’t work out so well because the mod_rewrite said that should actually output to its rule output so was appending an index.html to the final string. So, then I had to declare a $domain = eregi_replace(“index.html”, “”, $nukeurl); to strip that out.

Then, the link XML declarations were getting hosed and causing code errors in the feed because of the mod_rewrite / Apache upgrades that were done on the server on Friday. About ready to slit my wrists, I fixed the link URL by doing a:


.’ ‘.$domain.’content-‘.intval($row[‘pid’]).’.html‘.$slf

Which finally got the functionality I needed back. Now I have to increase the character return of the summaries, and then I can finally get back to finishing my other work.

Bah! :-)