So What’s The MN SharePoint Market Like?

I used to reside in Minnesota in what seems like ages ago (did undergrad, etc. there), when in reality I have just moved every year for the last four so my view is somewhat distorted. When I was there, the market was somewhat tepid, but was still a good place to be in the SharePoint sphere.

So, if you are in MN, what’s the SharePoint market like there ?


5 thoughts on “So What’s The MN SharePoint Market Like?”

  1. I would say pretty darn strong, considering Mindsharp is based in the twin cities (home to 5 or so MVP’s). Also interesting, New horizons hosts SharePoint Camps (confernce feel, full day event) a few times a year, that I have been able to speek at. Very high turn out. However, I’ve lived in MN all my life, so I’m not sure how to compare our neck of the woods to others :)


  2. Interesting. Is it more commercial options or primarily consulting firms I wonder Phil?

    Having been consulting for a while, I was somewhat interest in a commercial options, do you know what the pulse it like?

  3. There are some strong companies that have deployed SharePoint. Some big ones that I know of are:

    United Health Group
    RSM McGladrey

    those are just some of the bigger ones that I’ve worked with – I’m sure there are more, for individuals seeking a good SP market for employment / entrepreneurship. But yeah – there’s a big SP consulting market here too, which provides a lot of SP jobs as well (or maybe competition).

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