Something Is Wrong With The Security Policies

Hmm, something went haywire with the security policies on the main site, and I am not sure what it is. It keeps redirecting back to the homepage, which is weird because the only time I have seen this is when there isn’t a rule configured for the Apache rewrite (mod_rewrite) to use. It looks like its not getting what it needs when it starts the URL-to-filename translation, which I haven’t seen really, the only culprit I think should be the missing rewrite rule.
I guess I will check the rewrite rules again and make sure that they are kosher, present, and accessible. I was planning on redesigning the site too this weekend, if Lisa gives me the time too. Any design gurus (to which I do not subscribe, what you see on is pretty much the best that I got) that got something from this site want to contribute :)