USB HDD Pulling Out Has Screwed Me

Has anyone else accidentally pulled their respective USB drive out virtual images were running under? I did this weekend when I was working on a book, and all of a sudden the drive comes back and corruptible and unreadable. Now I am sad. Because all my work is on there. It doesn’t mean that I can’t recover it, because I am sure that I can get it off, but now I have to build a new image (since my OnTrack tools from my stint at that company will directly pull the files off the VM’s). That takes a lot of time, time that my publisher isn’t really going to be so hot on lending me.

I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. All I have is a Western Digital 80 gig external HDD drive.

I am going to go back in the corner and cry. :(


2 thoughts on “USB HDD Pulling Out Has Screwed Me”

  1. Hey Adam,
    I feel ya pain, have done this loads of times!! Normally on trains when I realize I am due to get off!! What I do though if it works is attach the VHD to another VM as a normal drive and so far have managed to get most of my stuff back!! I hope you get ya stuff back!!


  2. Yep its not commonly known but ALWAYS ALWAYS use the “safely remove hardware” when unplugging USB HDD!

    Good luck with getting your data back :-s

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