Where I Have Been

Well, I am used to, at the very least, posting at least one blog post or one article a week on the main site, on average it is a couple blog posts and one article. However, after the attacks on the site, which I am still recovering from (why the comments on the blog right now still aren’t fixed, i just haven’t had the time with preparing for SPC and at the NOSC lately at work I have been bogged down), I just haven’t been motivated lately to put out any new content, unfortunately.

I understand that I got nailed by these idiots because the site I run deals with security, however usually, when I was pulling such bullcrap when I was younger, I usually targeted sites that weren’t strictly about posting information, but were mostly around selling security products. I guess what goes around comes around, and now I am paying for it in spades.

On the good end, I will be making a couple adjustments to the site as a whole.

1) I am going to be moving most likely to a new hosting provider. I am not sure whether I am up for the challenge of moving off Apache, however I am looking at Orcs Web since the offer hosting to MVP’s

2) I have been putting off the site redesign for about two months now. I have it in staging at home, however I just haven’t made the effort to put it into effect since if I move to a new hosting provider I most likely am going to move over to ASP.NET from PHP. I am hesitant on that move for the sole fact that I find PHP more attractive as an external scripting language for its ease of use and quick scripting abilities, however I suppose it makes all around sense to do it. My only other issue with it is I have to right an HTTP module to handle dead link redirection from people linking into the site, so I have to figure out some way to translate the Apache mod_rewrite dictionary files into some sort of translation library to redirect users.

3) I most likely will upgrade my blog software, I am using WordPress right now, however Andrew Connell continually raves about SubText so maybe I will give that a whirl.

That’s about all I have planned. As I count the blog posts that I have in the que and finished right now, I am looking at nine. You can expect this out as soon as I put together an intermediate patch for the comments error.

Stay Tuned!