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Why Alfresco Is Just Plain Silly

So if you read the totallllly not biased CMSWire publication (sarcasm, plainly it’s the most prejudiced and predisposed publication available for the CMS sector), you certainly saw the article in print yesterday, Under the Covers: Alfresco’s SharePoint Services (WSS) Killer. Obviously a rather bold statement, but hey, it’s CMSWire and in all probability the next one will be SharePoint: How It Robs Heroic Veterans and Kills Kittens Mercilessly.

Though I think Alfresco is a neat product (although it makes me think of the Olive Garden), I think the product team missed the principal concept regarding enterprise deployments that transpire in a suitably planned, structured, and managed IT department. Commonly (just padding that), they choose a technology stack and stick with it, and this is for palpable, advantageous reasons. In fact, any enterprise architectural methodology, if not calling it out directly, will in the least allude to this. From a support and manageability standpoint staffing resources don’t have to be spread so thin from having to learn more platforms / technologies / etc., mediation functions can act transitory between sub units (i.e. developers can hand of tasks between each other). Along the same lines, barriers to effective communication drop, even from an operations / development standpoint (arguably the most volatile relationship in any company), heightening completion of task speed and elevating quality of service since it shares a common language.  From a cost standpoint, they are called Enterprise Agreements with MSFT. Most companies that heavily use MSFT products have em. I could keep going on with the benefits of sticking to a stack, but honestly from a resourcing standpoint it is just an evident decision.

And Alfreso runs on freakin Apache Tomcat and uses MySQL database?!?!?!? Now don’t get me wrong, the site that you are reading this on runs RedHat and the backend database is MySQL (don’t believe me? Click here for an 404), I enjoy this stack as much as the next guy (for personal use). But honestly, for a Microsoft centric shop Alfresco is asking a lot. Now in order to properly support the implementation, there either has to be training of an existing resource, or a new resource acquired. And yet another portal to throw into the mix to confuse users. Most likely with support that is not comparable to MSFT PSS.

I don’t get it.


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